The Importance of Using a Serum and Why You Need it Too

It’s never too early to start incorporating a serum into your skincare routine. We all know that things like a well-balanced diet, sleep, exercise and avoiding alcohol and smoking help keep us looking healthier and younger. So why should you wait until you’re unfit or way into your 40s to start reversing the damage and practicing healthier lifestyle choices then? The same goes with skincare. The sooner you start taking a serious and more mindful care of your skin, the […]

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What to Wear to the Beach: My Beach Outfits

Why does vacation go so fast? I’m back in NY now and it’s currently snowing as I’m writing this blog. Oh boy, I can’t believe I was at the beach 3 days ago… Nevertheless, it has been an amazing couple of weeks and we were so lucky to visit so many beautiful places. We truly explored a lot and I can’t wait to share with you all the things we visited in my vlog that will be coming up on my […]

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Packing For My Trip to Malaysia | My Travel Beauty and Fashion Essentials

Traveling can be stressful even before it begins. In today’s video, I’m talking about my beauty and fashion essentials that I’m taking for my trip to Malaysia. These are all the essentials I need to survive the long trip and to travel with my mind at ease. I hope you enjoy watching! WHAT I’M WEARING: Monogrammed t-shirt in Camo Joggers Sneakers: CARRY ON ESSENTIALS: Delsey Chatelet Carry-On Spinner Use my code bykatiness25 for 25% off on Delsey […]

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