My Current Haircare Routine – Champagne Anyone?

Today’s blog post is devoted to a new haircare line that I’m currently obsessed with: Cuvée Beauty. Their products have become the real superhereos behind my current haircare routine. If you are looking to change your hair game and try something really divine, you don’t want to miss this review. So keep on reading!

Cuvée Beauty is a new luxury haircare line that I discovered a couple of months ago and I’m so glad I did! The first thing that immediately draws you in is the intoxicating scent – a heavenly mixture of champagne and fig. It’s one of those scents that lingers throughout the day and I simply can’t stop sniffing my hair all the time. I have honestly never tried a haircare line that smells this good!

What’s unique about the line is that it combines a special blend of champagne (yes champagne!) and other luxurious and nourishing ingredients such as white truffles, resveratrol and platinum into a special antioxidant-rich complex. Cuvée is actually a French term that refers to the best of the best first pressed grapes used in making a high quality, prestige blend of champagne. The products are unisex and designed to work on all hair types, including chemically treated hair. They are also sulfate-, paraben-, and phatalathe-free.

The Cuvée Beauty collection includes:

  • Shampoo ($35): One of  the best shampoos I have tried so far. I love how it gently cleanses my hair, leaving it super smooth and soft. Plus, the scent is mesmerizing!
  • Conditioner ($38): What’s great about this conditioner is that it does not weigh the hair down and yet it still offers amazing hydration and nourishment.
  • Complex ($45): It’s like an elixir for your hair. It contains the highest concentration of the brand’s unique complex that helps strengthen hair structure and create vibrant hair.
  • Styling Balm ($42): It gives great hold while taming frizz and blocking humidity. I love the fact that it does not leave an oily or greasy finish.
  • Protective Treatment ($45): My absolute favorite product form the line next to the Shampoo. It’s designed to prime and protect hair before styling. It also gives light hold and shine. Plus, it’s packed with antioxidant properties that shield hair from damaging UV rays and heat tools.
  • Champagne Spray ($42): If you love a lived-in, tousled beach hair look, you will be obsessed with this spray! It also provides powerful antioxidant protection that conditions and strengthens hair, leaving behind locks that are perfect and piece-y.


I hope you enjoyed reading this review. If you decide to give Cuvée Beauty a try, let me know what you think! The line is available at



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