Smokey Cat Eye Tutorial

Smokey eye or cat eye makeup looks are beautiful on their own, but mixing them both together can make for a total smoke show. This dynamic duo gives that really sexy but elegant look to whatever occasion you may want to use it, day or night. What’s also great about this look is that it’s pretty easy to do because you don’t need to create a super sharp line that could be problematic – you just smudge things out. Today I will show you how to do it so have fun because it’s time to get catty! Meow 😉

I wanted this look to be super matte so I only used matte eyeshadows from my Morphe 35F palette but you are definitely welcome to play with shimmers as well, especially for the moving part of your lid. I would stay away from using shimmers in your crease though because it will take away from the smokey effect.


Step 1:

Prep and prime your eyelids with an eye primer and set it with a matte shade closest to your skin tone. I used Urban Decay’s Secret Portion in Eden. Use a large blending brush to achieve an even finish.

Step 2:

Take a blending brush and use light-to-medium orange brown color and blend it in your crease using back and forth motions.

Step 3:

Now apply a darker brown color on the outer corner of your crease and blend. For my look, I did a small variation and I also applied this color in the inner part of my lid and I added a lighter color in the middle of my lid.

Step 4:

Use a small smudging brush to apply a black eye shadow directly above your upper lash line and blend it into your lashes. Make the black line super thin and minimal in the inner corners and gradually make it thicker and start winging it out at the outer corner. You can also use a jet-black pencil like this one form Mac and then blend it with a brush so the line is not too sharp. The more you smudge, the better the smokey effect would be.

Step 5:

Follow with a gel liner to slightly define the wing and give it more intensity. This will also ensure a stay-put look as the gel dries and locks down the layer of eye shadow. I also like to follow with Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner just on the outer part of the wing because it has ultra fine, felt-tipped applicator that gives me total control when I want the outer end of the wing to be sharp. Note that I keep the inner side of the wing smokey at the same time.

Step 6:

Apply false eye lashes. For this look, it’s important to use lashes that give you a sexy feline look. I chose Tokio Lashes in style Miss L because they start out dainty from the inner corners and gradually thicken to a densely end, giving that daring cat-eye look.

Step 7:

Finish the look with defined brows, some contouring & highlighting and a nude lip. I used Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade for brows, contour stick in fawn and glow kit for highlight. My lipstick is Dose of Colors in color sand.


I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial and that you will take a stab at creating this look. If you do, tag me on Instagram or on Twitter so I can see your looks! Below I did a quick video tutorial showing you how I did it.



Video Tutorial: 


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