Why I Love Wearing Face Sheet Masks

Korean beauty, aka K-beauty, has quickly gained popularity worldwide and I’m sure you can’t walk into a Sephora or Ulta without seeing a display showcasing Korean skincare – and to be honest, it’s not hard to understand why. They are pretty well-priced, the packaging is cute and most importantly, the products are developed with industry-leading technology. Today, I will talk about why I love sheet masks – an epitome of K-beauty – and why you should be obsessed with them too.

But first, what actually is a sheet mask?

To put it super simple, a sheet mask is a fabric (usually made of cotton) saturated in powerful skincare ingredients that’s left over your face for about 15 minutes so your skin can absorb all the good stuff from it. It is contoured to rest on your face comfortably and it has small cutouts for your eyes, mouth and nose so you don’t feel as if you’re suffocating!

Why are they so great? 

 1. Delivery process

Called “a la carte” version of serums, they’re prepped with the exactly right amount of product your skin can soak. What’s great about them is that they deliver product deep into the skin in a very concentrated way – via occlusion (a cover) – so it increases penetration and hydration level. This helps brighten, refresh and hydrate the skin in a few minutes like nothing else.

2.  No hassle

They are a lazy girl’s facial for sure as they require absolutely no preparation unlike traditional masks that require you to at least wash you hands (sometimes even hair) after application. You just peel the package off, slap one on, relax for 20 minutes while your face can do nothing but soak up the goodness while it’s resting under the fabric. If you want, you can always take a selfie and share on Instagram 🙂

3. They are very portable

They’re perfect to pack inside your carry-on if you have a long flight to combat skin dryness and give it extra glow. They’re packaged very thinly so they take up virtually no room at all.

I’ve recently tried sheet masks from two different brands – Leaders Cosmetics and Karuna – and I’m absolutely loving them both. You can’t honestly go wrong with neither one. Both brands offer different types of masks depending on your skin’s concerns so I encourage you to take a look at them both and explore. My skin was super glowy and felt really relaxed and hydrated after I used them.


These new masks from Leaders Cosmetics pictured above come actually in ampoules where a sheet mask is drenched in a serum. What’s great about this is that after you apply the mask on your face, there’s still some excess serum left in the ampoule itself so I used this excess amount and applied it on my neck and décolletage.

The brand is actually offering a special promotion where you can buy one ampoule mask and get one free until 2/24. Sounds like a great deal to me 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and that you will give face masks a try! Send me your selfie if you do!



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